Here’s how you can be confident Commonwealth Land will find the right buyer for your property:

Initial Meeting. This is where we get to know each other and outline our proven process for selling your property.

Broker’s Opinion of Value. Our extensive database allows us to set the true market value for your property. Because each rural property is unique, it’s important that your property be evaluated according to similar properties throughout the region.

Proposal Presentation. You get a firm written proposal of how much we recommend your property be listed for, along with our plans for marketing your property and finding you multiple buyers. Having everything in writing gives you confidence that your expectations will be met.

Regional Marketing Campaign. The ideal buyer for your property may be close by or far away. Our regional marketing power, proprietary tools, and vast experience show your property in the best light, and make sure as many qualified buyers as possible have access to your information.

Offer Negotiation. Once the buyer has been found, we’ll work with you to negotiate the best price and terms for your property, help you select a closing attorney, and prepare for closing.

Closing Out the Sale. We’ll walk you through every detail of finalizing the sale, working with your closing attorney and doing everything in our power to ensure a smooth process.